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We deliver the best infrastructure solutions and the most that suit your needs, all are built on next-generation technologies

Compute Infrastructure

We offer computing infrastructure services that support compute, storage, networking and virtualization tools simultaneously in an easily controlled environment because we believe it has become a necessity. Especially that virtualization has now become definitive in order to get the best out of each and every part of your infrastructure.
Now, you can manage your storage, servers, software, and networking components on one enhanced and centralized management portal as our integrated converged technology solutions helps package your hardware components and management software all at once.

Compute Infrastructure

What organizations need most is flexibility and security when it comes to the type of infrastructure that can accommodate your workload. Secure servers and data center that can easily fir your expanding workload are what you need.
With our Compute Infrastructure Technologies, we will support you with the right assistance and consultation in order to evaluate your workload type and needs and, by turn, know the best solution that suits those needs. This includes Virtual, Physical, using Blade, Rack, CISC or RISC servers.

Storage Infrastructure

With the whole world moving towards digitizing all sorts of data, organization will constantly need more and more storage every day. And of course, capacity isn’t the only important factor when it comes to storage but also data integrity, trustworthy performance and cost-efficiency.
That’s why at TK-IT we work on developing a variety of storage technologies that best accommodate your increasing workload with the highest performance and least cost! We care to provide you with technologies that follow the new generation workloads and are up-to date with everything that concerns data storage around the world such as Scale-Out Architecture, Flash Arrays, Storage Virtualization and Unified Storage.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure

There is no doubt that traditional infrastructure work for some companies, but it’s important to know that there are different challenges that arise with using them. Those challenges can be easily addressed with Hyper-Converged Infrastructures. This happens when separate servers and storage systems are substituted with a smart and active appliance that works smoothly according to your business needs.
With Hyper-Converged Infrastructure technologies, you could gain from tighter integration and seamless operations of your ICT systems. This effortlessly happens by abstracting the software intelligence from your hardware and virtualizing your compute, storage and networking components.

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