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ELV Systems (Light Current)

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When it comes to your Audio & Video (A/V) technology integration, you need a trustworthy service provider with the highest quality of products. We customize every project to fit your needs. Our professional team has the ability to integrate a whole room and provide you with all the control over your Audio and Visual components.

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Stadiums and Sport Venues

Auditoriums and Meeting Rooms

Theaters and Studios

Large Screens and Video Walls

Conference Centers

Airport and Transportation Solution

Smart Education

Video conferencing

IP TV and Digital Signage Solutions

Video Surveillance (CCTV)

We continuously work on pushing the boundaries of technology to improve smart solutions that go beyond the maximum-security needs of today and exceed expectations.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor cameras are the best choice for residential, office, and retail environments. They’re are available in a wide range of models, this includes those ones with vandal-resistant housing, day/night functionality, PTZ, tamper detection and even more.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are specially made to handle the tough conditions of the outdoor use. The cameras are typically covered in IP66 or IP67-rated weatherproof housing that protects them against wind, moisture, dust, and other difficulties. Many outdoor IP cameras are also feature a day/night functionality for 24/7 security.

PTZ Cameras

With PTZ IP cameras, camera operators have a wider range of controls available to monitor bigger spots and zero in on specific individuals, objects or activities. The flexibility of PTZ cameras allow you to pan, tilt, and zoom with either manual or automatic controls.

IPTV And Video Wall Solutions

With IPTV, it’s easy to dole out live terrestrial and satellite TV and radio, video, DVDs, digital Video on Demand (VoD), advanced signage, information boards and web content all through your office. All this multimedia content can be displayed on standard and Smart TVs, larger format displays, and desktops.

Access Control & Time Attendance

Our portfolio incorporates all kinds of hardware Access Control as required in big business applications with particularly difficult requirements. The range of solutions extends from basic variants to complicated solutions required when an application needs to ensure the maximum security. Our portfolio doesn’t include classic card readers only; it also includes bio-metric readers in the form of fingerprint scanners.
Our systems are award-winning access control systems that broaden abilities, improve operational efficiencies and ingrain valuable assets, resources and ensure the safety and security of people.
If you want to ensure the safety of your people and by turn the ultimate success of your organization, then it’s better to invest in the right technology of which our solutions guarantee.

Offline keycard System

Offline keycard systems may have different name and different variants as well as technologies vary from one system to another but there is no doubt that there are indispensable in any organization. Those systems have one main function which is to keep your organization safe and restrict any unwanted access to it, this also works if you need to keep a certain area within your organization restricted.

Public Address System

PA Systems or Public Address Systems are mainly used to allow you address a range audience at a higher volume within your organization. A basic PA system consists of an amplifier, a microphone and a loudspeaker, but other systems could be more advanced depending on the area and the need.

Security Gates (X-ray, Arm Barriers, Turnstile)

- Barrier Systems
- Pillars and Housings
- Slide Gate Openers

Fire Alarm System

We provide you with Fire and Life Safety Solutions that are proven to minimize risks and limit the chances of property loss in order to guarantee a safer environment for people within your organization. Regardless of whether you manage the security of a school or an industrial facility, from one PC or a huge commercial or governmental network our Fire and Life Safety Solutions are flexible to fit any whatever size your facility is and whatever system configuration it needs. Those solutions include:
- Life Safety System Installation, Maintenance and Retrofitting
- Differentiated operational protection.
- Fire and Smoke Detection and Alarm
- Emergency Communication Controls and Networks
- Fire, Security and HVAC System Integration
- Emergency Preparedness Planning
- Building Automation
- Critical Process Control
- Video-based Event Analysis
- Smoke Management

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