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TURNKEY INTEGRATED TECHNOLOGIES (TK-IT) is a leading IT Solution providers, IT System Integrator, and Professional / PM Service Provider, Our calibers accumulating more than 20 years’ experience in Egypt and the region passing through different types/sizes of projects for a well-known market leaders’ reputable Companies / Vendors, enabling a successful model of services / solutions delivery, by providing a workable solutions designed to meet customers’ requirements and recognized as cost competitive, taking accountability that services / solutions can be delivered as designed, suited for the future expendability standardization, and all related risks are considered.

TK-IT is pleased to offer the leading-edge Information Technology products, services, and solution based on high quality; high performance products from top leader technology vendors that can help your entity achieve enhanced productivity, increased business agility, and greater competitive advantage.


Our vision at Turnkey Integrated Technologies
It’s not just about being, it’s about being the ‘go to’ service provider! it’s to be a top-notch technology solutions provider, not just with our service but with the value we add to the field.

We aim to be seen as the compatible, committed and reliable technology service provider we are, by delivering worthwhile and fulfilling service. And to provide the tools to support our client’s achieving the maximum success and growth on all scales.

To reach this, we believe it’s our role to help our clients understand all the possible technologies that suit their business needs. It’s also our role to keep them updated with the new solutions and technologies by providing all the support needed from our dedicated sales and pre-sales team to guarantee that our client had completely comprehended the needed product. We would also offer our professional opinion all the way and support with all the possible events and workshops to make sure our client gets the best out of the service provided.


With a team of dedicated experts working with passion, our mission at Turnkey Integrated Technologies is to provide our clients with the best-quality of technology-based solutions in a cost-effective manner to help them successfully accomplish their business objectives. We believe in partnership, and we work hard to be our client’s reliable partners, that’s why we care about providing an efficient and worthwhile added value to our partners with each and every service we deliver.

At TK-IT, we work hard towards being a market leader by surpassing our Customers’ expectations in every step we take. This means that we’ll always consider their feedback and consider it to improve our service. We’re keen to be up to date with the technologies of today and tomorrow regardless of how quick it changes as long as we guarantee our customers consistently have the best apparatuses accessible to these technologies.



We care about every and each step our clients take to fulfill their desired business plan and we offer all the possible support for this goal to be accomplished in the most adequate manner.


Simplicity has always been the secret! We adopt the ‘keep it simple’ approach within everything related to our business: our marketing, our business model, our products, and even our office space.


We’re committed to success! The success of our teams, our vision and mission, and above all the success of our clients and partners. Our commitment means that we work with a sense of urgency to everything that concerns our teams and clients.


We prioritize transparency and working with integrity! To us, integrity means we fearlessly go for the non-easy moral decision and owning every choice we make. We do invest wholeheartedly in our work and we choose to be straightforward with both our employees and our clients

Prioritizing our Customers

Our clients' satisfaction is what keeps us going and surpassing their expectations is our goal. Regardless of how big or easy the project we’re working on is, we dedicate the highest calibers for the best results. This is the belief of every and each person within our organization.


In creating a sense of belonging and inviting all points of view and suggestions as well as offering a fair access to opportunities and assets for every person within our organization.


Innovation is not limited to a specific group of people within our entity. We strive for perfection which means we always keep an open mind and provide all the possible learning opportunities.


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