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Our Network Solutions help in creating an upgraded user experience by decreasing the weight of traffic entering or leaving a particular system. For example, a network infrastructure solution can incorporate an application performance which allows applications to be included while keeping up sensible consistency of links.

The network is the main foundation of any business infrastructure, which means it needs to be secure, fast and up to date. For this to happen, it needs to be architected by IT experts who comprehend your business strategy and needs and know how to achieve the maximum performance with the least drawbacks through the right routing and switching infrastructure.

TK-IT helps you with the most suitable and secure network solutions your business needs:

Switching & Routing

Wireless & Mobility

Unified Communication and Collaboration

The world is in a constant change especially with technology ruling the world! Now you can’t evaluate work and employees’ performance based on how much time they spend at the office sitting on their desks. With the presence of technology, employees’ work constantly move between offices, tablets and phone calls and as a company you need to support them with an easily accessible, secure and functional solution to facilitate the work process regardless of which device or place they prefer to work from.

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC & C) focus on making your entity more connected and facilitates the whole communication process within your business by bringing various communication needs in once place. UC is mainly the process of combining live communication tools and technologies including web, video, and audio conferencing, speech recognition, chatting services, IP telephony with non-live communication tools including SMS, fax, e-mail, and voicemail into one platform through one access point where users easily switch between several communication mediums and manage different messages all in one place.

Unified communications (UC) is not just one solution, it includes different products that bring your business a reliable User Interface (UI) and customer experience through different sorts of devices and media.
TK-IT offers you the most suitable solutions that turns your traditional work-environment into a workplace that actually copes with the progress of the rest of the world with ensuring the maximum productivity of your team.

We help you to engage your employees with better communication and collaboration tools using smart technologies that can be adjusted to any work environment.

Security Solutions don’t just mean to keep your data, networks, and devices safe and secure from any problem that might affect the privacy of your business. Security Solutions also facilitate the process of managing and maintaining your information system to make sure all your business operations are running smoothly.
The expansion of the networks within your company might put your data and endpoint security at risk. TK-IT’s role is to support your business with a layered and incorporated security solutions and technologies to keep your networks secure according to both your present and future needs.
These Security Solutions include:

  • Next Generation Firewalls

  • Intrusion prevention Systems

  • Web & Email Gateway

  • Security information and event management (SIEM)

  • Advanced Threat Prevention

  • Endpoint Protection

  • Data Loss Prevention

  • Network access control

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