ِAt TurnKey We Pride Ourselves

In Our Compliance Policies

Code of Ethics & Business Conduct

Our commitment to ethical conduct is unwavering. Our Code of Conduct establishes the principles that guide every aspect of our operations. We believe in fostering a culture of integrity, respect, and responsibility.

Whistle-blowing Policy

Transparency is crucial in maintaining a secure and accountable environment. Our Whistleblowing Policy empowers you to speak up about any concerns regarding unethical behavior, compliance breaches, or other matters.

Anti-Corruption & Anti-Money Laundering

We take a firm stance against corruption and money laundering. Our comprehensive policy outlines stringent measures to prevent these illegal activities.

Third Party & Business Partner Code of Conduct

Our partnerships are built on shared values. Our Business Partner Code of Conduct sets the standards we expect from those who collaborate with us. Upholding ethical practices, diversity, and respect

Human Rights Policy

Technology empowers change, and we embrace this responsibly. Our commitment to human rights drives our actions. We believe in promoting diversity, ensuring fair treatment, and upholding the dignity of all individuals.

Something to Report?

Your Voice Matters, Your message will be directed to the Compliance Task Force at TK-IT for appropriate consideration and action.